School Workshops for All Ages  (*** Note: March and April currently fully booked. We are  now taking booking for May, June and July)

From January 2018 we are delighted to be running our new Wildlife Superheroes project. All sessions for schools will be focused on one of three areas:

  • Meadows and Pollinators
  • Water and Aquatic Life
  • Trees and Woodlands

At the end of each session, the children will plan a Wildlife Rescue Task to complete back at school or in the local community. This could be something like designing a poster about saving water, making a bug hotel, planting some bee friendly plants, or surveying trees in a local park.  On completion of their task, the children will receive a certificate for their Wildlife Hero award.

Workshops on offer:

Meadows and Pollinators

For Foundation Stage and KS1

  • Be a bee: A chance to explore the garden through the eyes of a honey bee. Visit our bee hives and learn some fascinating facts about bees. Plant a sunflower to take back to school.
  • Colour crazy: Walk around the garden and look at the flowers and plants. Make a mini palette of colours from the garden. Find out what plants need to grow. Collect resources and make a beautiful flower to take home.


For KS2

  • Fantastic Flowers: Look at the different parts of a plant and learn about the role of flowers in attracting bees. Make a potion using plants from the garden. Find out why smells and colours are important to flowers. Plant some scented herbs to take back to school.
  • Plant detectives: Be a plant hunter, finding seasonal plants and flowers in the garden. Learn about the reproductive cycle of plants and in particular different methods of seed dispersal.

Water and Aquatic Life

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For Foundation Stage and KS1

  • Pond dipping: What can you find in our pond? Meet some of the creatures who live in our pond. Make a creature from our pond using natural resources.
  • Pond detectives: See how many species you can find in our pond. Record different species in a tally and find out about one creature in more detail.

For KS2

  • How clean is our pond?: Pond dipping. Use binary codes to identify creatures. Talk about causes of pollution to water courses. Work out how clean our pond is.
  • Newt Lives: Pond dipping. Come and meet our resident amphibians. Find out how they live and learn about their life cycle. What’s on the menu? Survey the garden for food sources. Play food chain tag!

Trees and Woodland


For Foundation Stage and KS1

  • Minibeast Superheroes: Meet the amazing minibeasts in our woodland and find out some fascinating facts about them. Go on a minibeast hunt of your very own.
  • Trees mean homes: Track down some of the different trees in the garden. See if you can identify them by their leaves. Think about which animals live in the woods. Maybe find out more about a particular animal? Make your own habitat for a woodland creature.


For KS2

  • Tree trails: Read the descriptions and follow our tree trail. Survey and classify the trees. How many different species are there? Measure them and find out how old they are.


  • Habitat heaven: Find different birds in our lovely garden in our bird treasure hunt. Learn about the wonderful habitat our woods provide. See if you can recognise birds by their calls and find out what they like to eat.

Visit Information:

Each class can attend up to three sessions in total at the garden (each with a follow up Wildlife Rescue Task and certificate).

Each session costs £50.  Sessions at the garden can be half days (9.45-11.45) or full days (9.45-2.15) and are available from now until June 2019.

All sessions and Wildlife Rescue Tasks will be planned in conjunction with the class teacher to ensure they fit in with the class’s planning wherever possible. We are also able to offer free resources and support to each class to complete their Wildlife Rescue Tasks.

For further information and to book sessions, please contact Rosie on 0191 200 4706 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

This project is only possible thanks to our funders: Awards for All from the Big Lottery; Branching Out from Northumbrian Water; The Heritage Lottery Fund; and The Postcode Local Trust.



Comment from teachers

"Just wanted to let you know what a wonderful time we had at Scotswood and how impressed all of the staff were with your work. The children were truly inspired and have written some lovely letters, stories and newspapers as a result." 

"We have had a brilliant, fun packed day... helped the children to develop their exploratory skills".

“We had a wonderful visit to Scotswood. The visit was so well organised and the activities were interesting and exciting for adults and children alike. One of our best trips in reception, I will be recommending it to everyone in school.” 

“Kids had an amazing time – it’s rare they get to spend so much time exploring outside. We’d definitely recommend to others”. 

To book a visit please contact Rosie on 0191 2004706 or RosieThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.